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Posted by mbuhlah, Thursday, February 26, 2009 5:01 AM | 1 comments |

10 Things You Should Know About How To Start an Internet Business

By Daniel McGonagle

With a recession supposedly just over the horizon, there is going to be a mass scare for the masses, and there will be a surge in the number of people looking for information on how to start an internet business. This will provide an opportunity for many of the already established marketers to take people by the hand and teach them the "way"...

However, starting an internet business isn't as simple as getting laid off, downloading a few ebooks, then "going to town" on some program and making a full time income in just a few weeks.

There are plenty of internet business scams out there and what's going to happen is basically more of the same:

Some will make it, and remain full time marketers for the rest of their life.

Most will not make it past the first month.

Many will try and make the same mistakes everyone else makes.

Here are 10 things you should know about how to start an Internet Business

1- It's not easy to start a business properly, even one on the internet.

2- Starting an internet business is easier to start than an offline business, which is a drawback in and of itself

3- The ease in which people can start an Internet business adds to the surreal attraction of the "overnight internet riches" fallacies. So, the most beneficial thing about starting an Internet Business can also be the most harmful for beginners because they're led astray right from the beginning, and are "told" that it's easy, instant , and plenty of free time will be had by all.

4- You can't be a lone wolf and get far.

You need to associate yourself with like-minded people, people just like you who are trying to make a successful online business for themselves. This means networking and taking part in discussion groups, A.K.A. forums, especially marketing forums.

5- You need advice from someone more knowledgeable than you.

To be truly successful with your business, the only shortcut worth taking is getting a mentor or coach. They can cost a bundle but the time and money saved via following good advice is usually well worth the investment, IF the right mentor is acquired.

6- Treat this like a business and a job, always.

Making money online is fun, and sort of a lark until you realize it's time to feed your family, pay the bills, and you can't just do whatever you want, when you want... You will get stressed out, ticked-off, and be forced to break through some comfort zones. Remember, this isn't fantasy-land here, this is a self-made business and all aspects of it are riding on your shoulders. It's up to you to make sure the money keeps coming in on a regular basis. It's not all fun and games and watching PayPal balances pile up. It's a job like any other, with less of a commute but with more responsibility heaped upon your shoulders than ever before.

7- Focus on self-development and self-improvement, always.

Remember, you may never have run a business before and you're going to need to grow in a lot of ways for a long, long time to become worthy of running a multi-million dollar business, or even a 6-figure annual business.

8- Do not lie down with dogs! Or you will come up with fleas

* Do not associate with never-gonna-succeed losers that waste your time.
* Do not waste time with customers that waste your time.
* Network with successful people who are already successful big-time with their businesses.
* Invoke some sort of Law Of Attraction strategies into your daily life by associating your self with successful people and do not waste a moment of your time, ever

9- Value your time, abhor distractions, even from family members and friends that see you home all day "doing nothing".

The 10 seconds it take you to read this second of this post you will never get back, ever. It's gone, poof! kaput!

How was the last 10 seconds for you? Was this worth reading, did you learn something I hope? Good...

Watch out for anything at all that wastes your time. One of the best things I've ever done for myself as a full time marketer is to "pretend" I had an office I had to be at by a certain time every day. You'd be amazed at how many times I was hours late getting to my office 20 feet away down the hall in my home. Working for yourself, you can become pretty un-disciplined, so you need to establish some sort of ritual to make yourself productive.

Avoiding distractions is one thing, getting yourself to be productive is another.

10- I/L= FTI + PSB. This formula is the most important lesson of all

CHOOSE Implementation over Learning (all the time) and you will have a Full Time Income because you will also have a Productive Stable Business

* I KNOW what makes people successful... Implementation of proven strategies
* I KNOW what makes people fail... wasting time and learning all the time, with NO implementation

Once I realized these truisms I created Marketer's Relief. Looking back on things I didn't realized what I had created until long after the site was up and running. Marketer's Relief is a site that teaches you how to start an internet business and the focus is on implementation mostly, with some strategies thrown in.

The implementation part is taken care of the best way possible, via internet marketing videos, step-by-step video tutorials that show you exactly how to implement the necessary strategies for setting up your business.

There's a danger here though. The #1 Marketing Lesson is to sell stuff people want to buy. The majority of people want to buy some sort of magic pill that will do wonders for them or just feel good knowing they bought a kick-butt ebook and if they ever decided to "really" get serious about starting their internet business, then they'll fell happy knowing they bought a good guide for doing it once they muster up the energy to do it. However, most don't implement anything, and most will fail, and most ebooks will gather digital dust

So, what's the danger in Marketer's Relief teaching people what they need and not just what they want? The answer to that lies in the percentage of people that will succeed and fail when the next wave of wanna-be internet marketers that hits the "IM Game". Some people want this full time internet income badly enough that they're ready for hard work and reality. The rest can wait until their unemployment checks run out, then panic, or fall for shady internet scams until they're in a big jam they can't get out of.

Daniel McGonagle is an entrepreneur, marketing coach, and business consultant. Daniel runs a membership site called Marketer's Relief that trains it's members how to be a better marketer/business person, but also sends traffic to your sites for you. Visit http://marketersrelief.com or http://danielmcgonagle.name today for 2 great marketing resources that will help you

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_McGonagle


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Start a Home Based Business and Be Your Own Boss

By Olivia M Justus

It may not sound as glamorous as having a fantastic, popular job; some people would always prefer to have a home based business to avoid the hassles of working in a company. Plus, they get a lot of benefits from it as they are able to roll their career and personal lives all in one.

There are case studies that show that home based business allows people to earn as much as what employed people can earn. Much more with the existence of the internet and the World Wide Web, everyone gained access to the world's market industry. A lot of people with extraordinary skills benefit from owning a home based business.

How do you start a home based business? First, you have to determine what your skills are. Assuming that you have access to the internet, you will find a lot of clients looking for individuals wanting to work from home. Look for those which needs your skills and which you think can take you somewhere. Second, you can use your educational background. You can use the knowledge and skills you learned from whatever degree you took up in college in starting a home based business. For instance if you took a degree in travel and tourism, you can actually start an online travel agency and use the internet to get customers, invest and meanwhile you will realize, you are already managing your own home based business. One of the perks of it, you're the boss! Third, get all the equipment you need to use in your home office. Like the regular office, you will do a lot of paperwork too. It actually depends on the type of home based business you choose. Lastly but not limited to it, you must have the full enthusiasm to treat a home based business as a real business. It is a real business. You earn from it and you use your skills.

There are still some people who would prefer doing a regular job. But for those who want to do more things than just coming to the office and greet the boss, running a home based business is the answer. Not just for mothers who want to spend quality time with their kids while earning, or for retired people who still want to earn but also for those people who have always dreamed to be their own boss. A home based business can bring a lot of opportunities; it is never limited for as long as you make it a career. Indeed, it can be your path towards financial success!

Olivia Justus operates a successful home based business earning multiple streams of income. She is constantly educating herself and believes that much of her success stems from using the Law of Attraction in her life.


Please feel free to distribute this article as long as the resource box remains with the article.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Olivia_M_Justus


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How to be Successful in a Home Based Business

By Olivia M Justus

How to be successful in this kind of business is the very challenge that a home based business owner is facing. No entrepreneur likes to be a failure in their own business venture. Well, who wants that kind of fate? Fortunately, to be successful in home based business is not something like asking for the moon. There are many steps and guidelines that are easy to follow to be successful.

1. Know your interests. Before setting up a home based business, know what you can do and what you are good at that you can offer to your customers. It should not be something that you heard from a friend or watched over television. A successful home based business is a business that you yourself enjoy doing.

2. Do your homework. Make a research first of the business you want to venture into. Even if you like it but if there are already too many players in the market, it might not be too financially rewarding.

3. Treat your home based business as a real job. Be professional. Deal with your customers at official time and with proper dress code. Surely, you don't want your customers to see you in pajamas or call you at ungodly hours.

4. Keep the clutter aside. One of the distractions that a home based business must avoid is the clutter around the home. Keep boundaries between your home and your home based office. While working you must keep yourself near the television, away from your bed or anywhere that can distract your focus at the work at hand.

5. Set goals. To be successful in a home based business, you must know that it does not happen overnight. Don't easily give up. Just like any other businesses, it has its own ups and downs. That is why you have to plan ahead and set goals before that time may arise. Those plans and goals must keep you going towards a successful home based business.

6. Determination. One important key to be successful in a home based business is determination. You must be determined to succeed, in this way you are already taking one step higher.

There are still too many steps that you might read and heard about how to be successful in home based businesses, but what is important is that you are capable of doing it. All it needs is your will to beat all the challenges and difficulty your home based business may offer you in the course of your business. Keep your body healthy as well, since in this kind of business, if you will not work, you will not get paid.

Olivia Justus operates a successful home based business earning multiple streams of income. She is constantly educating herself and believes that much of her success stems from using the Law of Attraction in her life.


Please feel free to distribute this article as long as the resource box remains with the article.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Olivia_M_Justus


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Work From Home Business

By Wayne Hemrick

A work from home business is the dream job of many harried cubicle workers. No one enjoys a long daily commute to and from a job you might not really relish but need in order to pay the bills. There are alternatives, such as becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own Internet based business. In order to make a work from home business feasible, you need to market your product or service properly. Online direct marketing is an excellent and cost effective way to reach that business goal. Anyone with Internet access and a website can get started.

It does not take a lot of money to get started with setting up a business website. For around fifty dollars, you can procure a domain name and web hosting for a year. After that, you will need to build your website.

This is the point where many new work from home business owners falter, because they are not computer programmers. There are software programs that will build a web page for you, but who has time to work through learning a whole new computer program, and fixing the inevitable problems that will occur? What you want is to get your product or service out to market quickly, easily and inexpensively. Professional landing pages that are available at no cost to you provide an easy fix for the new Internet based business owner who needs web design help.

The great aspect of professional website templates is that all of the confusing HTML coding is already done for you. You don't need to go back to school for a programming degree; simply let the experts handle it for you. All you need to do is open the template and type in your specific business information and then upload the page to your website. It is that quick and simple to get your new business website up and running, so that it reaches your marketing base and starts to earn you money.

Another attractive feature of using business website templates is that they are created by marketing experts. You do not need to makes common beginner mistakes when you rely on the expertise of professional marketers who have designed professional website templates for your use.

It is that simple and inexpensive to get a business website up and running. Make your work from home business dream a reality when you utilize the benefits available by using business website templates on your new company's website.

Wayne Hemrick is an expert online direct marketing. His experience and knowledge about starting an Internet business will help those wishing to start a work from home business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Wayne_Hemrick


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Start an Internet Home Business - Instead of Getting a Second Job

By Frank T Renner

The economy doesn't seem to be so great, and money is tight. You still have bills and expenses you need to cover. These are usually the reasons that people take on the burden of a second job. However, many people considering a second job rarely consider another option. That is starting an internet home business. This type of business offers three benefits that the usual second jobs do not.

The first benefit of an internet home business is the availability, the accessibility and the extreme flexibility that make it easier to work around your existing job. Not many second jobs offer this first benefit. You can literally run your business when and where you like. You could do it during your lunch time at your regular job if you want. And unlike a second job, it is easy to get time off for a holiday or vacation since you are the boss.

Secondly, your business can be anything you want it to be. You can capitalize on any unique interests or skills that you have. This is something most second jobs do not offer. The likelihood of finding a second job that fits into your schedule is even smaller. Remember that the internet offers a tremendous clearing house for information on every topic. Surely there is a place there for you.

Finally, an internet business offers on-the-job training that is easily available from a variety of experts in the field. No mater what you decide to pursue with an internet business there is a wealth of information out there to help you. There are many scams out there so be careful who you sign up with. Make sure that you check out as much as you can about a business you are getting involved in.

I know from first hand experience that an internet home business can be a great extra income producer. In fact, I know that you can make it into a full time job by following someone who can train you properly. I started quite a few internet businesses and both won and lost. It wasn't until I found Wealthy Affiliate University by Kyle & Carson that I finally became successful. I have since used this business to replace my old full time job and have the flexibility,creativity and support that many second jobs cannot give.

Join us for a look at what Kyle & Carson have to offer at RennerEnterprises

Frank Renner

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Why Starting A Home Based Internet Business Is A Right Decision

By Dang Vu

Have you ever wondered about what it will take you to get out of the rat race, make a good living, have more free time to spend with your family? If so, do you know that start Internet home based business is the first choice for those like you who really want to have a life worth living? The good news is that starting a home based Internet business is easier than you may think.

You do not have to be a person of great talent, you do not also need to be a computer savvy. Because there are a lot of tools online that can solve any problem you may encounter. Besides, the most attractive thing for those running a home-based business is that they can do their business as little or as much as they want. In addition, you'll be able to reach the global market easily. Your storefront will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if you're asleep.

You can create and sell your own products or services using Internet. For example, if you're a web design expert, you can write the ebooks related to aspects of web design and sell them online. The idea here is that you build your home business based on what you're knowledgeable. But the quick and safe way to start a home based business is that selling someone else's products or services. If you use this way to make money, you're called an affiliate. Lots of affiliates claim that they can make money not using a website. Yes, it's true. But I strongly believe that they are making a big mistake. Because owning a website can help you to build your asset on the internet, it's your mailing list.

Last but not least, starting a home based Internet business does not cost you several thousands of dollars to get started as traditional business does. The fee that you have to spend on includes domain name, hosting and website design fee. If you're able to build your own website using web design software (like FrontPage, Dreamweaver), it's a good thing. If not, the solution is hiring someone else to create one for you.

Finding the right home based Internet business to start takes some time and effort on researching carefully the opportunities that you want to take part in. Using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and using popular forums to find and make a deep research about any opportunity before engaging into. It's recommended that you should not use only one SE when doing your research. You'll be get into a REAL business so be careful.

Dang Vu invites you to visit his home based business website at http://www.sungtuc.com to find a legitimate home based business opportunity so you can be starting home based Internet business in 72 hours from now.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dang_Vu

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